Dotnet detail

Dotnet detail is a platform to learn and read about Microsoft .NET technologies like ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WEBFORMS, WPF, MSSQL, VISUAL STUDIO and etc

AngularJs is an open source structural framework for dynamic Web Applications. An open source Javascript framework. It is developed based on MVC (Model View Controller) design pattern. It’s primarily featured to develop Single Page Application (SPA). It also supports Data binding. AngularJs is originally developed by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons in 2009 and maintained by Google.

Angular 2

Angular 2 is the latest Javascript open source client side framework. It is very popular and useful framework available today to build powerful web applications. It is created and maintained by Google. Before going to next, I want to clear some question about Angular 2 such as why we use Angular 2? What’s new from Angular 1? What Angular 2 offers? What are the core features of Angular 2? And what are the prerequisites for Angular 2?


Basically, ASP.NET MVC is a web development framework which is provided by Microsoft. This framework is very easy to use in web application development. If you know about ASP.NET web forms then it is good for you to learn ASP.NET MVC framework but if you don’t have knowledge about ASP.NET web forms then there is no need to worry. Because it is completely alternative and advanced technology in web development.